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How Citrus Juices help in weight loss?

Wondering how orange juice can help you reduce your weight? The Citrus juice is known for imparting huge amounts of Vitamin C in just one glass. You get all the nutrients that your body is looking for. For instance, apart from vitamin C, it also contains various amounts of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and Vitamin B complex. All you need is a juicer, try Zumex in Dubai from UAE Ekuep.

Why Would You Love Citrus Orange Juice?

Citrus fruits like orange are packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, and regular consumption of them would lead to flawless skin textures. It will keep the skin smooth, remove even tones, fight pimples and give a natural glow to it. The presence of vitamin C will reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin problems.

Most people now prefer fresh home-made juice to processed juice.

Citrus Juices and Weight Loss – A Look

Juicing has often been termed as an alternative method for weight loss. Not only that, it also has many benefits which develop the mind, body and the soul. Juicing if done for a considerable period of time can be very beneficial to the body of the person because it includes all the nutrients, vitamin, etc that were previously missing from the diet. Some of the benefits of juicing are as follows:

Preventing hunger

Our body needs the essential daily quota of nutrients so that it can function properly. When your body needs nutrients, then you feel hungry. So, what juicing does is it gives all the necessary nutrients to the body in the form of a juice. So once the quota is fulfilled, that means your body will not crave for other food as it does not feel hungry.

Natural food

The various chemicals and additives in the junk food are the source of major contribution to your gain of weight. But through the process of juicing you can expose yourself to only natural foods and nothing else. Thereby, there are no preservatives or chemicals in juicing which allows for unnatural weight gain since you are the one who control what goes into every drink.

Source of energy

The process of juicing can act as a process of source of energy. This involves a lot of effort on the part of the person juicing as you don’t have to eat anything else for a few days. Juicing gives you enough energy to go outside and do something active like playing some sport and utilizing your full energy. It imbibes a lot of nutrients into the body which can be useful in performing some activity or the other.


Detox is the process of cleaning out your entire system of a period of unhealthy spell. Juicing acts as a detox in cleaning out the system, especially green juice. You can see that most actors usually go through long spells of juicing to lose some weight. It is not needed that you spend a lot of money to reap the benefits of juicing. You can do it from your home with the help of a juicer.

Absorbing nutrients

Our bodies have gotten used to eating the raw and junk food that we have every day without the benefits of any nutrients. Juicing helps you preserve and absorb the nutrients which most of our bodies have lost the ability to absorb because of prolonged exposure to non-optimal food over a period of years. Therefore, what juicing does it digests all the nutrients beforehand and then you have it all in the form of juicer rather than it going waste.

Promotes weight loss

Juicing, as we all know plays an important role in the weight loss of a person. It allows the absorbing of all the nutrients into the body and helps us use a lot of energy. As the nutrients are received in sufficient flow, the body does not feel hungry and thereby this contributes to weight loss.

Efficient intake of vegetables

The Health Authorities recommend that a certain intake of vegetables is required for the efficient well being of a person. Juicing takes care of the dilemma. It makes sure that the optimum amount of vegetables is received on a daily basis. Also, a different variety of vegetables is required to be taken by a person every day as eating the same kind of stuff daily is not good for the body. Thereby, juicing is also advantageous in helping us with a wide variety of vegetables.

How to Lose Weight without Starving Yourself

Though losing weight is trendy, you must make sure that you healthily lose weight. Most people desire to lose weight irrespective of how they do it. Losing weight while starving yourself can lead to serious health implications and may compromise your body‘s immunity. Some people find losing weight an achievable goal, yet for others, it remains a dream. Losing weight and maintaining your kilograms requires strict discipline in regards to what gets into your mouth. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is even worse since you are seated for the better part of the day. Let us look at several ways in which you can lose weight healthily.

Your diet should comprise of natural foods

Eating natural foods doesn’t mean foods that aren’t tasty. If you choose to eat natural foods search for unique ways to prepare them. These foods are rich in fiber, which will make you stay full for longer. This reduces your craving for more food that will lead to more calories in your system.

Vegetable, fruits, and pulses are foods that you should include in your diet. The most significant portion of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. Most of these foods contain probiotics which are the “good” bacteria that are necessary for a healthy gut.


Body exercise is an excellent means of shedding excess calories. In weight lose the goal to ensure that you do not consume extra calories your body doesn’t require. With body exercise, you will not starve in your journey to lose weight, since you know how to deal with the excess calories in your plate. An ideal workout should be around 30 minutes of intense exercise daily. In addition to shedding extra weight, body exercise will allow you to eliminate toxins that build up in your body over time due to the foods and drinks we ingest.

Keep of starches

One way of losing weight naturally is by limiting the amount of starches in your diet. Carbohydrates, if consumed in excess, are converted into fats in and stored in the body. If you exercise regularly, a better portion of your meals should comprise of vegetables, fruits, and proteins. The quality of starches in your plate should be minimal. This will ensure that your body cells have access to energy and other vital nutrients that are present in these foods.

Eat enough food

Losing weight cannot be interpreted as keeping off foods. You need to meet your daily recommended nutrients for your body to function optimally. As you plan your meals from shopping to cooking, make sure you stick to foods that guarantee adequate supplies of the nutrients your body requires. Your meals should be balanced. Your breakfast should be the heaviest of the three meals followed by lunch and finally supper. A balanced diet will offer a perfect way to lose weight healthily.

Mind your company

Studies support the fact that you are an average of your five best friends. The people who surround you have an influence on major decision you make. If your friends are people who love junk food, then you have a challenge sticking to a healthy diet. If need be, you can keep off your friends to achieve your goals. The other option would be making your stand clear, on your dietary goals, but still, you will have a lot to do to avoid falling into the temptation of falling prey to their junk foods as you interact with them.

Seek support

Due to our different tastes and preferences, weight loss requires strict discipline to achieve your set goals. Once you have made a decision, be ready to pay the price. Walk with mentors friends and family to support you in your journey to weight loss. Your nutritionist and doctor should be an excellent resource that you should utilize to ensure you have the necessary information on what to eat and how to avoid starving yourself as you embark on weight loss. Never walk alone in your journey to weight loss.

Weight management is an achievable goal. Losing weight does not mean starving yourself. If you are armed with the essential information on how to lose weight without starving, then your journey to weight loss becomes a reality. The above strategies are a practical way to achieve your desired goals. Al the best as you strive to lose weight naturally.

7 Surprising Foods that will Aid in Weight Loss

It is the goal of many people to lose weight. To lose weight healthily, one must be keen on what gets into their bodies. We are the product of what we ingest. Controlling weight gain has been a dream for many due to poor feeding habits in our societies. Fast foods, junk, and processed foods fill the list of diets daily.

If weight gain is going to be a reality, people must change their approaches in what they take in every single day. Healthy foods should help you remain full for long, be low in calories, boost your metabolism, aid in relieving water retention, help you stay away from unhealthy cravings and last but not least their taste should be welcoming. In this article, I will highlight 7 surprising foods that can help you lose weight, and not just lose weight but healthily lose weight.

  1. Lemons

Lemons have numerous uses in the home like cleaning in the house, used as an anti-bacterial agent, skin care, an excellent source of vitamin C and weight loss. They will help you remain refreshed, energetic and healthy through their detoxifying capabilities. They help in keeping your body in an alkaline state. They will also assist in boosting your immunity. The best way to consume lemons is by taking lemon water. Make it your habit to grab a glass of lemon water as the first thing when you wake up. Other ways include squeezing lemon juice on your fish or salad. Lemons are loaded with numerous health benefits and are worth being in your list of weight loss foods.

  1. Coffee

When thinking of coffee as a way to lose weight, go for black coffee. This is coffee in its pure form, and you stand to gain lots of health benefits if you consume it in this form. Coffee helps to initiate thermogenesis, a process in which fats stored in the body are converted into energy. It also assists to keep you full for long and increases body metabolism. Regular intake of coffee will keep you alert, improve your memory and keep you energetic, ready for demanding workouts.

  1. Chilli

Chillies help to spur body metabolism; the result is burning body fat. They are an excellent way of losing excess fats naturally. They contain high levels of vitamin C an antioxidant that will assist in boosting your immunity and fighting pathogens in your body as well as the elimination of toxins from the body. One chilli has adequate amounts of beta-carotene, enough to meet the daily recommended amounts. Beta-carotene is essential for healthy nails, skin, and hair.

  1. Beans

Beans are widely consumed in different communities all over the world. There are preferred sources of plant proteins to many people. They are readily available and economical source of proteins. They are loaded with high amounts of iron, calcium, proteins, and fiber & will help you remain full for longer courtesy of the high levels of fiber. Beans can be prepared in different ways, you can consume them fresh or as dry beans. They are devoid of saturated fats associated with animal proteins; thus you are safe from cholesterol linked to animal proteins.

  1. Green leafy vegetables

These vegetables are high in fiber& low in calories. Vegetable like cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, kales, etc., will boost your immunity and assist you to achieve your weight loss goals. They are excellent sources of vitamins E, C and K. You will benefit more if you go for organically grown vegetables for your nutritional needs.

  1. Eggs

A single egg is packed with numerous nutrients that are essential for your body function. They are excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system. They will supply adequate energy to your body and keep you strong and healthy. There are several ways methods of preparing eggs in your home. Studies support eating eggs in moderation as an excellent way of losing weight naturally with limited adverse effects.

  1. Avocados

This fruit should not miss in your diet. It has lots of fiber; omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C. Avocados provide the right fats required in our bodies. Though avocados are high calorie fruits they qualify to be among the best foods that can assist one to lose weight in a natural way. They are categorized as super foods. Most avocados in the market are organically produced, therefore among safe foods to consume.

These seven surprising foods will help you in your weight loss journey. Look for different ways of preparing and including these foods in your diets. A combination of body exercise and healthy foods will be your companion in healthy weight loss. Taking healthy foods should be a lifestyle and not a one-time goal.

7 exercises which help you lose weight fast

It has been observed by medical experts that many people want to lose weight, but many of them may not be consistent with their choice to lose weight in the system due to the various work schedules. However exercises are the best option for this set of people because they can keep to it at any time at home whenever they have a little chance.

Aerobic and anaerobic are of two types of exercise that function in different ways to help people with weight problems to lose the extra pounds. When you engage in any aerobic exercise, you burn some fat used in the past, but the anaerobic exercise is for you to collect Necessary strength or force, which is necessary for you to keep exercising your choice. Two uses are essential for weight loss because you burn fat at a different time when you continuously monitor the use of timetables.

It is necessary to emphasize that strength training is needed to keep fat in check and also provide the force required for healthy living in general. Here is some common 7 exercises which help you lose weight fast at home could be absorbed in a practical weight loss goals.

  1. Squatting is a home exercise benefits that will positively affect the muscles of the legs and buttocks if done consistently. Just keep your feet shoulder-width apart, while facing forward and squat, with a minimum of 20 or 30 times, while facing a mirror. This can be repeated 2 or 3 times a day to more effective results. It is recalled that it is necessary to do a bit of mild heat squatting before the simple exercise.


  1. You can also start doing push-ups every day you can lose that excess fat. Note that more than 70 per cent of total body weight supported on your lap when you are pushing up, which is usually used to strengthen muscles arms.2 or 3 sets of push-ups to 25 days is an excellent and useful training arm.


  1. Brisk walking is another aerobic exercise helps reduce weight. You can start slowly, but try increasing your speed as quickly as possible; you can also burn fat more rapidly in the process. If you get tired while walking, you slow down a little and to increase your speed after a while. Be sure to make an excellent warm up before one of these simple exercises at home to get the stamina for self-exercise sessions.


  1. You can take taken jump; you can lose weight quickly. Jumping 20 or 30 times in two or more courses in the mornings and nights are efficient ways to leave some surplus fat in the body.


  1. You can start to move up and down the stairs of a useful weight loss system home. You would have noticed that your breathing may be faster when you step on the stairs, so that helps burn fat, which is not necessary for the body.


  1. Swimming is arguably the best kind of exercise you can do. The reason is that, unlike other exercises like running, there is no impact on the joints when you are swimming. When you go swimming you aim for doing a certain amount of laps, like 50. And then when you get to that many, you can try to do them quicker and then raise the number of laps and try to do them quickly as you get fitter.


  1. Gym

With equipment available from sports retailers, you can work out at home, instead of at the gym. You can get a treadmill to run on or an exercise bike to cycle on, or even a dual action exercise bike that will work your arms at the same time you cycle. Also, when you work out at home, not only can you save time by not having to commute to the gym and save money by not going there. You can also do things to make yourself comfortable that you wouldn’t be able to do at the gym, like watch whatever you want on TV or listen to the radio without having to put on headphones.

If you join your local gym, you can do a lot of different exercises and have a big choice of ways you can lose weight. You can do any of the classes that the gym gives, including step and combat classes. Then you have access to all the equipment in the gym itself.

Finally, as seen above you’ll need to exercise to lose the weight that you want to shift. Once you start on the exercising, if you do exercises consistently, you will lose weight. The following are exercises you can do to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight in One Month

Many weight loss programs pace you so that you see significant results over a matter of time. This is because your general health and personal safety are factored into the equation. Often this is frustrating to people because they are looking to lose some weight for a special occasion, like a wedding or holiday at the beach. Fortunately there are ways to lose weight in as little as a month and stay healthy and safe.

Of course, you have to be reasonable about the amount of weight you want to lose. Shedding more than 30 pounds in a month likely requires you to do some less than reasonable things to achieve that goal. But if you’re looking for a drop of about 10 pounds in a month, there is no reason you can’t achieve your desired result.

The basic recommendation to keep healthy and lose weight is through a regimen of diet and exercise. One nice thing about this approach is that you can actually eat more (in fact, you may have to eat more) if your exercise regimen is ramped up so you are burning off more calories than you are taking in. Before any drastic change in your normal lifestyle it is wise to pay a visit to your doctor, especially if you have any type of medical condition.

While ramping up your exercise routine may seem like a good idea, especially since it seems easy, you need to understand that you can lose muscle as well as fat during the process. It is the muscle in your body that helps you burn off the fat, so the problem is obvious. You need to find a happy medium between increasing the amount of exercise and the amount of weight you want to lose in a month. History shows that you can realistically expect to lose about 8 – 10 pounds in a month without doing any harm. That comes out to about 2.5 pounds per week.

Start with assigning a specific number of calories you will eat in a day. There are several numbers to consider in this calculation. First, the average person requires 1300 calories a day to stay alive. Lower numbers get into starvation mode, which is not where you need to be. Next, a pound of body fat has been created by storing up 3500 extra calories. That means roughly you would have to reduce your calorie intake by 120 calories a day for a month to lose one pound. That really doesn’t seem that bad, but when you are trying to lose 10 pounds your calorie intake has to drop by 10 times that number, or 1200 calories a day.

A general exercise routine will burn off 500 – 1000 calories a day, but this is dependent on a number of factors, including body metabolism and personal health issues. That means your diet will be the key to your one month weight loss plan. The minimum number of calories required to maintain your current weight, which is your starting point, differs by gender. Men require 1800 calories, while women only 1200. Note that these numbers are for maintaining your current weight, not for staying alive (as above).

You may be thinking that simply eating significantly less is the answer based on this information, but the problem is the same as exercising too much – you will start to lose muscle mass and you end up in a cycle of frustration. Also, your general health can be affected due to a lack of essential nutrients.

The foods you select – they are negotiable – should be low calorie, high fiber. The fiber will fill you up and the calories will keep you maintaining a normal lifestyle. Fruit and vegetables are the most common foods that meet these criteria, so you have a wide variety to choose from in making meals and snacking. Whole grains are a popular choice, and don’t forget about the protein. That list can include fish and lean red meat. The total number of calories your diet should have in protein is 25 percent of the total.

A key habit you will need to get into on your diet is controlling the size of your portions. The only one who has control over this is you, even if you go out to a restaurant. You will want to eat the traditional three meals a day, and then add a snack or two during the course of the day. Ideally, every meal and snack will have the same number of calories but as they say, it ain’t a perfect world. Do your best to even things out during your 30 day trial. As a mental note, you may need to decide on your level of commitment to the weight loss regimen.

As for exercise, the general rule is the longer you exercise the more calories you burn. But as mentioned above, you need to keep in mind that too much exercise may have you losing muscle mass – something you want to avoid. Aerobic activities are the most commonly used types of exercises since they don’t require any special equipment and you can do them just about anywhere.

Free weights are also popular for people with gym memberships. One caution when going the free weight route is to avoid overdoing it. The goal here is weight loss, and if you can’t exercise for any reason you will not reach your weight goal for the month. If you belong to a gym you should have an instructor available who can work with you to establish a regimen that meets your requirements. Be sure to specifically tell the instructor what your goal is.

If everything goes well, you will not only lose weight but have a body that is more toned than when starting. Perhaps the most important caution here is not to use this monthly weight loss plan as a way to avoid keeping healthy and fit throughout the year.

How to lose weight without exercise

If you want to lose weight but do not have the time to exercise, you may think that your chances of dropping the pounds are futile. Since exercise and dieting usually go together, you may not feel that you can reach your goal without these added activities. Fortunately, for those of you who cannot cram the gym or any types of exercise program into your daily routine, here are some tips that you can still use to achieve the weight loss you desire.

Tip #1 – Learn to Eat Smaller Portions

Losing weight without exercise is often made possible when you decide to pay close attention to what you are eating. Especially, since double size hamburgers, oversize soft drinks and large helpings at dinner can make you gain weight easily. However, when you want to reverse the damage that these practices have already done, you can take control back by reducing your portions. To make this part of dieting much easier, you need to make sure that you are using a smaller plate for your servings. The smaller plate will give you the feeling of eating a full size meal instead of lesser food for your stomach. This is especially the case the smaller plates will ultimately look like your portions sizes are bigger when compared to the smaller plate. You can also use this strategy to lose more weight when you are choosing the healthiest foods on the menu instead of those that will automatically make you gain weight. For example, cakes and pies should be removed completely from the menu in order to reduce the carbs so that you can lose more weight.

Tip #2- Take Your Time to Eat — Slow Down

Even though this may not sound like a viable or credible solution for losing weight, you will most likely be surprised at how well this type of strategy works. Based on a number of different research studies, fast and slow eaters had a wide variances between how much weight that they lost. In fact, the fast eaters are usually the group that gains weight instead of losing it. The primary reasons for this change in eating is to allow the brain to control your sense of stability. Simply stated, you need to eat slow enough for the brain to recognize that you are full. If you don’t, you can easily overeat when you are dining in and dining out.

Tip #3 – Don’t Forget to Add Extra Protein to Your Diet Regimen

When you do your research on how to lose weight without exercise, you may also discover that there are different ways to achieve success. Specifically, when you are having to choose which foods will help to burn the pounds and those that simply add the weight on. For instance, if you want to use a significant amount of weight before you join the gym, you need to make sure that you are eating lots of protein. Fortunately, protein can be found in a wide diversity of food choices including eggs, milk, chicken,ground beef and many others foods that people eat on a regular basis. So, you need to determine which protein foods will make the list to getting the pounds off without an exercise regimen.

Tip #4 – Drinks Lots of Water

When you want to drop the pounds in a hurry, it is important that you follow the recommendations of the expert. This is especially true if you want to get good results in a short amount of time. For instance, if you want to drop the weight while also feeling lighter and better, you will need to encourage everyone to drink more water. Drinking more water has a wide range of great health benefits including helping to curb the appetite, reducing the hunger pains when you have not eaten for a while, and eliminating a certain calories. For instance, based on research studies and dieting without exercise, it is important to note that those people who did drink a lot of water were more likely to experience a significant amount of weight loss. Additionally, based on these studies, those who drank more water while dieting actually lost as much as 44% more than those that did not add the extra fluids to their meals.

How walking helps you Lose Weight

When you want to lose weight, you may try all kinds of different weight loss programs and diet plans to achieve your goals and objectives. Since losing the weight and keeping the weight off can be a struggle for even the most diligent and disciplined, many people are trying to find out what really works and what does not. Therefore, if you want a plan that can help virtually anybody that is struggling with their weight, you may need to think about starting a daily walking regimen. Though this may not sound like the most award-winning idea for those who are really serious about achieving their goals, it is still a tried and true proven way of getting the weight off and keeping it off for many months and years to come. With this in mind, here is what you need to know about how walking helps you to lose weight.

Walking is Great for Helping to Burns Calories

If you are leading a life with those people that have been trapped into a sedentary lifestyle, you will probably say that it has been difficult for you to live a healthy active life. Especially, when you are working at the office most of their day and you can gain weight easily. To avoid these problems and concerns, there is at least one activity that you can incorporate into your schedule. Whether it is at work, school or at home, you can start an exercise program that can help to burn up the calories. So, for those of you who want to see a significant change in how you look and how you feel, you can use walking to lose weight by burning up more calories. You can control the number of calories that you burn by walking fast, spending more time on the treadmill. So, you need to pay close attention to the number of calories that you are expecting to burn with each session of walking that you plan.

Helps to Build up Muscle

When people begin to lose weight, there are some things that can affect the process that they make. One of the most notable usually involves losing muscle instead of the fat that they want to get rid of so badly. This is especially the case when people begin to cut calories without adding in some form of exercise. Fortunately, however, when you do start a program like walking, you can build up more muscle instead. Muscle loss also that comes with aging can also be minimized and avoided completely when the person is following a walking routine.

Burns up the Belly Fat

Some people have a problem that they want to get rid of right away. In fact, for some people, problems like carrying a lot of belly fat around their midsection can be very hazardous to their health. So, if you are one of the ones that want to get rid of your huge belly and the fat that comes along with it, you should start walking today. Walking is good for both men and women since this aerobic exercise can help to reduce the waistline greatly. For instance, according to recent studies, women who were significantly overweight lost a huge amount of weight, while also reducing their waistline when they started a regular walking program.

Helps with Maintaining the Weight Loss

When you diet only, you may find it difficult to lose the weight by cutting calories only. You will also find that it is easy to pick the weight back up within a short period of time. So, you need another way to help you with getting rid of the pounds and keeping the weight off. Fortunately, when you compare the weight loss maintenance programs, you may find one of the best ways to maintain the same weight is to keep walking. This is because walking exercises are not only great for losing the weight but also keeping it off for good. All you have to do is keep up the routines on a regular basis.


Finding the right exercise and diet program can be difficult today since there are so many options available. However, when you decide to keep it simple, you will discover that there is a tried and true proven way to lose weight and to keep it off permanently. One of the most beneficial is walking since it is an aerobic exercise that helps to maintain weight, burn calories and fat, while also helping to build more muscle.


How lose weight without exercise

You’re ready to start your weight loss. You’re tired of your clothes not fitting. You’re tired of getting winded when you go up a short of stairs. There are so many “lose weight diet plans,” supplements, exercise programs, and other diet aids that it can be very confusing on what will work and what is a scam. Here are seven tips to lose weight without exercise that will help jump-start your weight loss and keeps it moving forward.

One of the hardest things to accomplish is to lose weight. You can starve yourself. You can exercise for hours at the gym. You step on the scale, and you still haven’t lost an ounce. What is the deal, anyway?

The problem is that you aren’t targeting the real problem. Think back to when you first started to gain weight. What was going on in your life? How did you learn the lifestyle habits that are affecting your attempts at weight loss now? Until you retrain your brain and your body to lose weight, you won’t be able to lose the weight and keep it off. Keeping the weight off is the most significant obstacle that many people face.

1. Why Diets Don’t Work-It’s estimated that most people lose about 10 to 15 percent of their body weight when they begin a diet. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? The problem isn’t with this initial weight loss, however. The problem is that between a third and two-thirds of people put that weight right back on and then some. They gain back more weight than they lost, to begin with. This can have severe consequences for your health. This type of yo-yo dieting can harm your body, as it has been shown to cause an increased risk for diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

Diets don’t work, at least not for the majority of the population. Most people do not continue to eat that way for the rest of their lives. You can count calories, carbohydrates, and fat grams, but what if you want a piece of pie? Most diets won’t let you have it, so then you feel deprived, or you eat it and feel guilty. Unless you completely change the way you eat for the remainder of your life and how you deal with everyday problems, a diet will not work.

2. Fad Diets Don’t Work: Counting calories, fat grams, and carbohydrates are not an effective way to lose weight either. You need a balanced nutritional program, no one that targets only one food group or part of a food group.

3. You Won’t Lose Weight with Just a Pill: It seems like everyone today has a pill that is touted as the latest weight loss miracle drug. Merely take a pill a couple of times a day, and the weight will fall off. This is not the way to lose weight, and it won’t work.

4. Do Not Expect Immediate Results: You can’t lose twenty pounds in a week’s time. The healthiest way to lose weight is to lose one to three pounds a week.

5. Hypnosis Works: Of all the weight loss programs out there today, hypnosis has one of the highest success rates. It’s not the Las Vegas hypnosis show style, either. One of the most successful forms of weight loss hypnosis is usually accomplished through a DVD or CD program. You can use these programs at your leisure, which makes them even more useful.

6. Don’t eat after Six: You don’t want to eat at least three hours before you go to sleep. All that food is not converted to energy will be stored as fat.

7. Eat Several Small Meals a Day: The key to weight loss is not food deprivation. It’s eating several small meals a day to keep your metabolism high, which means you burn more fat stores in your body.


These are not the only tips that will help you lose weight. However, you have to realize that it’s taken a lifetime for your mind to program you to gain weight. The only way to lose weight and successfully keep it off is to retrain your mind and body.

You need to understand why you are living the way you are and why you keep eating. You may find that several things can trigger your weight gain. This is one reason why hypnosis works so well to lose weight. You can finally target the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. This is what you need to learn to know how to lose weight.


20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Are you tired of starving yourself to lose weight? When you starve yourself to lose weight, you end up gaining even more weight as soon as you come back to your original diet. Healthy eating is the answer to all your weight issues. This video shows 20 food items that help you lose weight without having to hurt yourself through the process.